Promoting your business to the US market.

With new flights announced by AER Lingus from Doncaster/Sheffield Airport, and access to the US market, is your business ready to take advantage. Our promotional video service features an American Presenter who can introduce your product or services to US customers.

This is the Four Counties Hub

A promotional web site promoting the Four Counties Hub,  that surrounds the Doncaster Shefffield Airport (Robin Hood) It aims to promote what is good about the Four Counties, and what visitors can expect when they land at Doncaster Sheffield Airport. There will promotional video promoting each of the Four Counties.
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    • This is South Yorkshire
    • This is Lincolnshire
    • This is Nottinghamshire
    • This is Derbyshire

1829 Films

In 1829, two books were published, which provided a comprehensive look at South Yorkshire not seen since the Domesday Book in 1086.

Published by Joseph Hunter (6 February 1783 – 9 May 1861) who was a Unitarian Minister, and deputy keeper of public records now best known for his publications Hallamshire. The History and Topography of the Parish of Sheffield in the County of York, the two-volume South Yorkshire (a history of the Deanery of Doncaster), still considered among the best works written on the history of and South Yorkshire,[1] and his 1852 pamphlet on Robin Hood in which he argued that a servant of this name at the court of Edward II was identical with the famous outlaw. His name was adopted by the Hunter Archaeological Society.

1829 Films will retrace his steps and provide a contemporary look at South Yorkshire in 2015. Starting with Sheffield, filming will start in May 2015.



Recently commissioned by SMEBIZTV, to provide the technical services to run this Small Business Internet TV Channel. WRMM is currently working on completing a series of videos. The channel is expected to Launch in in 2016 when it’s crowdfunding campaign is completed.