Live Action Video (LAV)

We offer a full script to presentation service. Our mission is to provide media solutions to our clients tailor fitted to suit their requirements....View

Website Project Management (WMS)

Our experience in Media Production extends to Website Project Management

If you need a new Website or resurrect an existing one, we offer this service through our associate company, Website Media Solutions, they can project manage your new or existing website....more

Green Screen Services (GSV)

The use of green screen  solves many problems when it comes to video production such as: You don’t need a massive amount of cash to create....View


Web Site Creation (Video Only)

Statistics show that the use of video...

To maximise this, we have set up a service which creates Websites using video only. Using our LAV and GSV services we can produce a featured web site which is fully video based....view

Animation Services (AS)

To compliment our LAV service, clients can utilise our Animations services as an alternative to Live Action video,
from simple 2d animations to the more complex 3D Visualistion..View

Crowd Funding Videos (CFV)

Crowd Funding is the new and burgeoning way for raising funds for a new business/new product/charitable projects and personal/creative projects....View