The Team

White Rose Multimedia can draw upon an experienced pool of talented individuals…

Mark Waterhouse (Producer/Writer/Web Designer)

Editor, Multimedia, Web

With over 30 years experience in the Media Industry, Mark has extensive experience in video editing, Google Earth productions, online streaming and Web TV development.


Lee Pearman (Production Director/Associate)

Scriptwriter, Director, Cameraman, Video Editor, Motion Editing.

With over 20 years of Filming and Editing experience under his belt, he has extensive overseas experience in filming, in countries such as Brazil, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore to name but a few.


Wayne Sables (Associate)

Independent Filmmaker.

Wayne is involved in producing creative dance theatre works that pushes the boundaries between audience and performer. All his performance work crosses between contemporary dance, theatre and film to create a performance style unique to WSP.


Sarah Cogden (Associate)

Independent Filmmaker.

Sarah is a Royal Television Society Award-Nominated filmmaker with over ten years’ experience. With a real passion for factual filming, Sarah loves to help people and companies tell their stories.